Kylie Jenner is expecting baby #2... and we saw all the signs

Kylie Jenner is expecting baby #2... and we saw all the signs

Is the Kardashian Clan adding another member?

Kylie Jenner pregnant Travis Scott Stormi baby


After much speculation, multiple entertainment news sources have seemingly confirmed that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expanding their family!

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It's been three years since the on again, off again couple welcomed their first baby girl Stormi. 

Although the two of them put their relationship on pause at the end of 2019 but maintained a healthy co-parenting relationship.

It seems like the co-parenting might have been working too well...

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They have apparently rekindled their romance and it makes sense since Travis professed his love for Kylie during his acceptance speech at the 72nd annual Parsons Benefit by saying "Stormi, I love you and wifey, I love you."

According to E! News multiple sources have confirmed that the pair have not been showing interest in anyone else except each other.

And now, even though the parents still need to confirm, it has been confirmed by literally everyone else that they have baby number two on the way!

Just a week ago we came across a few TikTokers who were coming through with the Kylie/Travis pregnancy conspiracies:

By now we all know Kylie Jenner loves a good surprise.

Especially a surprise pregnancy.

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Stormi's mom just turned 24 and we are still trying to get over the fact that Kylie is basically a child, who happens to also be a multimillionaire business mogul, make-up guru, and mother.

And, of course, it is so easy to get swept up into the fabulosity that is the Kardashian lifestyle.

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Fans 'Keep Up' with them, watch their Instagram stories, follow them on Twitter, and read every bit of information they can get their hands on.

People are so invested in this famous fam's life that they pick up on the tiniest changes in their body shapes, their styles, their love lives, and more.

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While some of us are completely oblivious and probably wouldn't notice if Kim had one of Kanye's shoes in the background of a selfie, the Kardashian following is devoted and will uncover the latest scoop no matter what.

That brings us to the latest story being churned out of the rumour mill: Kylie Jenner is expecting baby number two.

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Now even though Kylie, Travis Scott (the presumed baby daddy) or any other member of the Kardashians are yet to address the situation, we have to admit that it all seems pretty believable.

And if there's one thing you should know about this fandom it's this: fool them once, shame on them, fool them twice, never.

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TikTok has been blowing up with fan theories and conspiracies - and it is quite convincing.

As mentioned, Kylie recently celebrated her birthday by hosting a paint party with a few close friends. While many of the friends posted on their stories and posted cute pics, everyone, including Kylie's closest friend, Stassi, failed to post one single picture of the birthday queen.

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We're talking about a Jenner and they didn't take pictures? Strange, right?

Another one of the main theories points to Kylie's nails in recent posts.

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In her birthday Insta post, Kylie is seen wearing a green dress and her nails are painted a baby pinkish colour.

However, a few hours later one of her very own sisters exposed her.

Watch the video below to find out why Kylie's manicures could be the biggest clue to unraveling this pregnancy:


Explaining to my friends why I think Kylie Jenner is pregnant again

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Some say I have no life. I agree. 💅🏻 #greenscreen #kyliejenner #kardashians

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The birthday post in question:

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Is she or isn't she?

Kylie is probably ready to keep us guessing and then either spill the real tea with a bombshell reveal or just debunk the fan theories by posting in real-time.

But seeing as she's a master of deception, who knows when we'll know the truth?

Until then, here's a friendly reminder of the last time Kylie Jenner bamboozled the world:

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Main image courtesy of Kylie Jenner Official Instagram

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