SEE: DJ Zinhle is hiring and is happy to tell some people "please don't apply"

SEE: DJ Zinhle is hiring and is happy to tell some people "please don't apply"

A good job is hard to come by and it seems to be getting more difficult by the day.

DJ Zinhle job application tweet

There's a very good chance that your parents, teachers or mentors have warned you: be careful what you post on the internet because your future employers will be going through it and judging you.

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Basically, what you say on the internet can come back to bite you in the rear and cost you a job.

It would be heartbreaking to find out that you were the perfect candidate but because of one wrong Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram story, that chance is taken away.

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Don't believe us?

We have proof.

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Local business queen DJ Zinhle has always been working hard to achieve the goals she sets for herself.

One of those was opening her business Era by DJ Zinhle way back in 2012 and since then it has been thriving. 

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So it comes as no surprise that she is looking to hire two new sales assistants and seeing as she has a massive social media following, she used those platforms to advertise the new opportunities.

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Almost instantly many hopefuls started clicking away on the application and for many, this was a much-needed opportunity to hopefully acquire a steady income during uncertain times.

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But soon it became clear that some people were feeling some kind of way about the application process.

While they might have thought their comments and replies might go unnoticed, DJ Zinhle did see their concerns and did not hold back with her replies:

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Clearly, Zinhle, who is an entrepreneur, mother, musician, etc. does not have time to waste when it comes to her business.

Apply or don't but keep it moving. 

But these "complainers" might have just ruined their chances at securing the bag.

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