DJ Speedsta comes for Cassper Nyovest: "Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him"

DJ Speedsta comes for Cassper Nyovest: "Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him"

The DJ and TV personality was probably heading to bed when he decided he had to get a few things off his chest...

DJ Speedsta comes for Cassper Nyovest: "Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him"
Cassper Nyovest Official Twitter/DJ Speedsta Official Twitter

This morning, South African music fans were shocked when they awoke from their peaceful slumber.

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Former radio host DJ Speedsta is trending for what some would consider being all the wrong reasons.

As it turns out, Speedsta had some very harsh and serious thoughts about a fellow SA musician that he wanted to share in the early hours of the morning.

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Out of nowhere and seemingly completely unprovoked, he started going in on none other than Cassper Nyovest and he was not holding back at all.

Although these two had some beef in the past, everyone had assumed that things were now just fine between the two but clearly, Speedsta wanted to make his opinion heard.

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From calling Cassper soulless to telling him "Lesego thinks zero of him" and more.

See his Cassper rant below:

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He really chose violence when it started replying to fans sticking up and defending Cassper:

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Naturally, everyone was waiting in anticipation to see what the 'Suyathandana' hitmaker would have to say.

Cassper has since responded but has kept his tweets short and sweet while reminiscing on the days when the two seemed to be close friends:

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Although Cassper is, as per usual, ready to throw hands and take this trash talking to the ring:

Are we the only ones wondering what on earth could have provoked this Twitter attack?

Right now we're just adding this to the "People that want to box Cassper Nyovest"-list.

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