WATCH: Jamie Lynn Spears posts private Insta story amid #FreeBritney controversy

WATCH: Jamie Lynn Spears posts private Insta story amid #FreeBritney controversy

The #FreeBritney movement is still powering full steam ahead as the conservatorship controversy continues.

Jamie Lynn Spears #FreeBritney Instagram post

There is no doubt that most of us know what's been going on with Britney Spears and her family.

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More specifically her father.

After many years, people are shining a light on Britney's conservatorship and are exposing it for the terrible abusive arrangement it is.

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Britney has even taken to the stand and delivered a shocking testimony that shocked the world.

While her father, Jamie Spears, and Jodi Montgomery have been serving as licensed conservators of her estate, Britney has been living half a life. Now she is fighting harder than ever to regain control of her estate and her personal affairs.

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Throughout all of this, fans of Britney have noticed that her sister, Jamie Lynn, has been awfully quiet and doesn't seem to fully have her sister's back in all of this.

In fact, she's been accused of not supporting her sister at all for many years and has had to defend herself on social media multiple times before:

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Now Jamie has taken to Instagram to share a few emotional stories and fans are not falling for it.

Many are saying their suspicious about her behaviour and are wondering why she would share recordings of herself in such a vulnerable state?

Take a listen below:

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While we might not have the answers to Jamie Lynn's tearful posts, we do hope that some of this is genuine and that she really has been proving us wrong by supporting her sister.

The fight to #FreeBritney continues!

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