Internet shocked by display book choice in online furniture listing

Internet shocked by display book choice in online furniture listing

This stylist made some choices... and they weren't all good.

Internet shocked by 'White Supremacy' book choice in online furniture listing

Accidents happen and, unfortunately, they are not all created equal.

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Sometimes the repercussions and consequences of a certain accident can be seriously detrimental and harmful.

An example of that would be a car accident. Or putting a book on display that could be triggering to a large group of people.

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Wayfair is an overseas home retailer. This means that in order to display their furniture online they obviously need to provide pictures of their products.

While many online retailers choose to just display the product in question against a plain background or on a model with no frills and extras surrounding it, others might choose to create a cute setup.

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That's the case with Wayfair, which provides plain, no backdrop pictures of their products, but they also spice it up occasionally by placing it in a room set up with other decor to help buyers imagine what the piece would look like in their home.

A cute vase filled with flowers here, a throw pillow there, and some books with the most questionable titles we've ever seen...

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That's exactly what happened when Twitter user @spspssps came across a very odd furniture listing on the Wayfair website.

This unsuspecting coffee table got a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons when she shared the picture on her Twitter.

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In her Tweet she wrote: "Shopping for a coffee table and what Wayfair?" and included the following picture:

Internet shocked by 'White Supremacy' book choice in online furniture listing

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"What?" is right!

In the picture, you can clearly see a white and grey book sitting on top of the table and the title clearly reads: 'White Supremacy'.

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While many were quite upset by the choice made to include the book in the product pictures, there were a few that made some important points thanks to their eagle-eyed vision.

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A few people did try to clarify that the book in question is 'State of White Supremacy: Racism, Governance, and the United States', a 2011 study on racial inequality edited by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Moon-Kie Jung, and João Helion Costa Vargas.

As it turns out, the book is not about racism in the way that one would think, but it still wasn't the best option for this particular use.

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Since the book debacle, the site has removed some of the pictures and also issued a statement to address the situation:

We love a statement moment but there is also a time and a place for everything and this time, this was not the place.

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