The court is in session: Is Mama Norman right or is she being oversensitive?

The court is in session: Is Mama Norman right or is she being oversensitive?

KZN, it's time to sound off and let me know whose side you are on.

Is Mama Norman being oversensitive or is she right
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Being in a relationship is hard work.

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Sure, being loved and loving someone should be easy but there comes a point where the honeymoon phase is over.

Every now and then your significant other is bound to make a mistake (hopefully a tiny one) and together you'll be able to communicate, get over it, and go back to being your lovey-dovey selves.

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But do we sometimes pick a fight just because we can, and even though we don't want to admit it, we might be a little oversensitive?

It is a pretty well-established fact in my household, and I would imagine in households around the world wherever a woman resides, that you are never to say anything untoward, albeit even quite highbrow untoward, the insinuation of untoward regarding a woman's weight or her body.

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I got a phone call from my mother the other day, she was very distressed and she put me on speakerphone. Her fiance was also in the room and she then proceeded to complain to me because she had made some witty comment about how she "knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff" and his response was, and I quote "yes, I know I can see that you are very well-rounded." 

But then he paused.

And it was a fatal pause.

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So she obviously complained and said "now tell him what must happen" and I wished him well on his journey to the afterlife. Because obviously now he is going to have to be murdered as that is not an appropriate thing to say to my mother.

She didn't speak to him for the better part of 12 hours.

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Last I checked, they are good now and the wedding is still happening but yoh, it was a close call.

This whole conversation and situation did leave me wondering: are women more sensitive than men?

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Here's what KZN had to say:

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