"My own son rejected me!" - J Sbu

"My own son rejected me!" - J Sbu

Even though you might love them with all your heart, your kids will show you flames!

"My own son rejected me!" - J Sbu
J Sbu

It's shocking how quickly your kids can grow up and embarrass you at the same time?

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I had just come back from my school run with Zanda and the most shocking thing happened this morning.

I was dropping him off and I'm not sure whether to be angry, disappointed or just sad.

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As we were arriving at the school gate, we were obviously surrounded by other kids. There were other parents around and kids were all there being dropped off.

They were standing around, gathering to have their temperatures taken, registering, and all those COVID-19 things. So there it turned into quite a crowd of socially-distanced little babies.

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As we arrived at the gate where I drop Zanda, I very excitedly opened the door for him. He climbed out and as he was coming out of the car, I said something that I say to him, and whenever I say it he always replies the same.

So I say: "Have a nice day, Zanda! I love you."

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And as I say this, he looks at his classmates standing at the gate entering the school, he looks back at me, he looks at the students, he looks at me again and then this dude just gives me a thumbs up.

No "I love you" in return, just a thumbs up. And I was just thinking to myself "wow, you're four years old and you are already embarrassed to say you love me in public?"

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Some kids will tell you that being embarrassed is just what parents do.

But when exactly do our parents go from being our heroes and our idols to being the last person we want to be seen on earth with?

Is there a specific age where we suddenly have a switch and our parents become uncool? And as parents, is it avoidable or is this just the way life goes?

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