TV channel receives backlash for 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' documentary

TV channel receives backlash for 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' documentary

Some bedroom things should remain in the bedroom...

Breastfeeding my boyfriend documentary
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Every couple has their own way of doing things.

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No two people are the same and so every relationship and its dynamics are different as well. People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to certain things and everyone should be free to live their best lives.

There is no judgment here.

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However, there do seem to be some invisible lines that society has agreed should not be crossed. Some unspoken rules, if you will.

Like breastfeeding your partner.

Breastfeeding, as most people would agree, should be reserved for babies.

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As it turns out, there are some grown adults who also enjoy partaking in this specific activity and a British television channel wanted to delve deeper into this practice, so they made a documentary called, 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend'.

And it is exactly what you think it is.

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The synopsis reads: "A look at the taboo surrounding adult breastfeeding, exploring a growing underground scene that ranges from women producing milk for their partners to the lucrative lactation porn industry."

The documentary follows the lives of one couple, Lana Michaels and her fiancé Shawn, who left quite an impression on viewers.

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Lana is a mother of two but shares her breastmilk with her partner, who not only finds it nutritious but also arousing.

Without going into much detail, the couple have always been adventurous when getting intimate and did some research about breastfeeding and that one can start breastmilk production by drinking a herbal supplement.

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According to Lana, Shawn breastfeeds a couple of times a week.

As expected though, those who decided to watch the documentary are feeling some type of way about it and it seems like the resounding response has been a negative one:

Since the documentary aired, the couple have been doing lots of interviews to further explain this interesting situation:

You might be lying if you say you're not intrigued at all. Maybe not enough to go through the effort of watching the doc but they definitely got our attention!

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