Rasta has returned with another questionable portrait honouring DMX

Rasta has returned with another questionable portrait honouring DMX

Rasta's artwork is like Marmite, either you love it or you hate it, or you maybe even love to hate it.

Rasta DMX

By now we all know local artist Lebani Sirenje.

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Or as most of us know him - Rasta. We also know him for the wrong reasons.

Rasta has the habit of ruffling some feathers with his portraits of famous figures, most commonly through his depiction of those who have passed away.

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He's tried, emphasis on tried, to capture the likeness of many South African celebs as well as international stars, from the legendary Bob Mabena to Joe Biden and Donal Trump.

But every painting seems to be a FAR miss.

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Now he has revealed his latest artwork and people are not shocked, but honestly, no longer surprised to see that it does not really represent the person he tried to capture accurately.

Rasta's latest artwork is a portrait of American rapper, DMX, who sadly passed away just last week.

DMX rasta death

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Naturally, after seeing the painting, Twitter has come through with its critiques and it is not pretty:

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Clearly, people want him to take a break, put the paintbrushes down or maybe take a few lessons before attempting another portrait of a deceased icon, but every time he does create a new painting he does get a lot of attention!

And you know what they say: any publicity is good publicity.

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Main image courtesy of @AdvoBarryRoux/Twitter

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