Painting of Bob Mabena receives mixed reviews

Painting of Bob Mabena receives mixed reviews

Local artist Rasta, real name Lebani Sirenje, is once again causing controversy with his latest painting: a tribute to Bob Mabena.

Bob Mabena Power Breakfast

Broadcast legend Bob Mabena recently passed away due to cardiac arrest and has since been laid to rest on Saturday.

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Now, local artist Rasta is once again causing a stir with his latest portrait depicting the late icon, which has the people divided.

Some people have come to the defence of the artist, while others have criticised his work, saying it's disrespectful.

Rasta is well known for his portraits of famous Mzansi faces, or as some would say, his interpretation of them.

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As mentioned, this is not the first time Rasta's work has come under fire and people continue to suggest that he should consider a different career path.

You can see the artwork and mixed Twitter reactions below:

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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