Can you identify the two men in this painting?

Can you identify the two men in this painting?

Controversial artist, popularly known as Rasta, has done it again - another big miss!

Rasta painting

It seems there is no stopping Zimbabwean painter Lebani “Rasta” Sirenje from producing the most bizarre and oddly difficult to identify portraits.

Known for always confusing the masses with his artwork, this time he drew two of the most spoken about men in the world right now. However, as is always the case with his art, you may have to squint in order to identify the two politicians. 

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It’s fair to say that better impressions of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been produced in the past - and social media did not hold back on the criticism, also noting that he got the colour of their ties wrong.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/RastaArtist

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