"Scary creature" in tree leaves city residents terrified

"Scary creature" in tree leaves city residents terrified

Is it some kind of dangerous lizard? What could this creature be?!

Iguana creature

Things are not always as they seem. The creaking of windows could make you believe your house is haunted, a dark shadow in the corner of the room could look like it's more than it truly is and apparently everyday objects in trees are menacing animals, waiting to pounce.

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Our brains can play some nasty tricks on us sometimes and that seems to be just the case in Poland's former capital city, Krakow.

The cities residents were living in fear for days after they spotted an unidentified creature lurking in a tree. They were so scared they kept their windows closed and some of them didn't even want to leave their homes. 

READ: "Scary creature" in tree leaves city residents terrified

Having had enough of this torture, a woman decided to eventually call animal control and reported that there was a "scary creature" causing chaos in the neighbourhood.

She informed animal control that the people were afraid and were keeping their windows closed. She was also so shaken up that she couldn't really describe the animal and was only able to specify that it was brown.

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When the rescuer asked her what type of animal she thinks it might be, she said: "lagoon". They took it as possibly being "iguana" and also learnt that the animal was not very active, had not been moving much and that they needed to come to pick it up right away!

Upon the team's arrival, they started their search for the animal but they did notice that the residents have opened their windows. They thought that maybe the iguana had left. the reality was much worse than that.

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They spotted the culprit in the tree and went to inspect further, as they noticed it was brown, had no head or legs (which would explain the lack of movement).

Speaking to RMF 24 radio station the rescuers explained the situation:

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Through further inspection, they realised that the object that had people cowering in fear was in fact a French baked good - a croissant.

Croissant tree
KTOZ Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami/Facebook

While all is well that ends well, we have one question: how did a croissant end up in the tree in the first place?!

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