Kyra Ramdin's mother shares brave daughter's cancer story

Kyra Ramdin's mother shares brave daughter's cancer story

In October 2020 Kyra Ramdin, an 11-year-old from Phoenix, was diagnosed with leukemia. This is her story.

Kyra Ramdin
Kyra Jordan Ramdin #WarriorPrincess

Cancer is a heartbreaking disease.

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It can tear families apart and cause much more than just physical pain.

Cancer doesn't care about race, gender, or age.

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It is also one of the most complicated diseases when it comes to diagnoses, treatment, and so much more.

Unfortunately, unlike antibiotics, you can't just take a handful of pills every few hours, and the next thing you know, you're healed.

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Treatments can have negative side effects on the patients, they can be expensive and tiring, and the end results are not always as positive as you had hoped they would be.

In some cancer cases, donors are needed for procedures such as blood stem cell transplants.

This brings us to Kyra Ramdin.

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Kyra has leukemia. And she's only 11-years-old.

Since being diagnosed in October, Kyra has put up an incredibly brave fight.

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Sadly there is only so much she can do and that's why she is in desperate need of a transplant in order to save her life. The family has been asking for the support of their community and they have definitely received it. And while this has provided them some comfort, they are still frantically searching for a donor match so that Kyra can receive the blood cell stem transplant that will increase her chances of survival drastically!

Today on Keri's Couch Michelle Ramdin opens up about Kyra's medical journey, the struggles they have faced and Kyra's brave fighting spirit.

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