Prof Tulio explains the relation between the vaccine and blood-clots

Prof Tulio explains the relation between the vaccine and blood-clots

Just when we take one step forward, we have to jump two steps back...

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Every week we are lucky enough to be joined by one of the world's leading virologists who also happens to be a virus hunter and bioinformatician from KRISP at UKZN, Prof Tulio De Oliveira.

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Prof Tulio De Oliveira has been guiding us through this COVID-19 pandemic and his knowledge and advice have helped us all along the way.

But the end is not yet in sight and KZN still has questions.

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Especially since South Africa has been struggling to put this whole vaccination thing into action.

Now we have once again met more obstacles in regards to the vaccine rollout.

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There are serious concerns about blood clots and other side effects, so much so that the entire Johnson and Johnson vaccine rollout programme has been brought to a complete halt.

You can find more details about that here.

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But now this new development has left us with more questions.

Who is more likely to develop blood clots? Does this put us more at risk for the third wave?

Prof Tulio answered these questions and more, and you can find everything you need to know in the podcast below:

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