WATCH: 'Squid Game' meets 'Toy Story' - What?!

WATCH: 'Squid Game' meets 'Toy Story' - What?!

This is the collab you didn't know you needed.

Squid Game X Toy Story

While everyone is raving about 'Squid Game', a video editor on Instagram, @markcannatarofilms, made sure to share the most entertaining mashup. 

Remember when 'How To Get Away With Murder' mashed up with 'The Fixer'? 

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This is way better! 

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We are having the most amazing time with 'Squid Game', as it has allowed for so much content to be mad globally. 

This creator, @markcannatorfilms, recreated the video without missing any detail. 

 As Woody falls over just as Seong Gi-hun does and gets saved by Ali, the same is done except by a 'Toy Story' character. 

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The show is a horror series which some people just cannot stand. In this case, you'll find it a little lighter version as it is animated and not as brutal and graphic. Is it an idea to take further? 

"Other social media users also expressed a relief at the removal of some of the gore from the remix compared to Squid Game, which even saw schools warn parents against their children watching the series, due to its graphic nature," UNILAD shared. 


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Main Image Courtesy: @markcannatorfilms

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