The 411 on Khuluma Nathi before putting our money on the horse

The 411 on Khuluma Nathi before putting our money on the horse

"He's got the potential to win, he's got everything - looks, pedigree..."

Khuluma Nathi

Remember a week ago we introduced Khuluma Nathi on the show? No, it is not that show feature where you learn Zulu taught by Thisha Tshabalala. He is rather the horse that belongs to our friends at Hollywoodbets, who found it absolutely fitting to have him named after the feature. 

He galloped for the first time at the Hollywoodbets Greyville race on September 8th and did not shine as bright as we hoped he would. 

WATCH: Khuluma Nathi, the horse shines at Hollywoodbets Greyville race

But all this is palatable considering he was making his debut on the race track against some of the most experienced competitors around. 

He is about to take to the track once again - this time with a little experience, more training from Dean Kannemeyer, and, you're gonna love this, a bet made by Sky Tshabalala already placed on him winning! 

There are a couple things to take into consideration before pulling out a Mandela note and hoping to get more in return. In this instance, we wanted to just get the clear description and assurance that Sky, or even you, won't be placing this bet only for him to lose. 

We got Kannemeyer on the phone to confirm that we were making the right choice. We also asked him who between Darren, Keri, and Sky does the horse's qualities match. 

Take a listen:

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It goes without saying, even with his picture above in the article, that he is an ambitious young stallion with prodigious potential. If you are hoping to make that bet like Sky, then head over to Please bet responsibly and never put down money you don't have.

We obviously will be watching this afternoon at 12:30pm and if you will be joining us then head to 

We cannot wait to celebrate this win - crossing fingers! 

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