Nigerian kids making films on their phones have caught Hollywood's attention

Nigerian kids making films on their phones have caught Hollywood's attention

J.J. Abrams and Franklin Leonard are two of the biggest names in the film industry and they are also huge fans of this group of Nigerian filmmakers.

The Critics Company
Critics Company

Some look at a smartphone and see a simple communication tool.

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Cellphones have become much more than just a device for making phone calls.

We use it as a news source, a camera, a game-boy, and as a way to connect on social media.

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But how many people can say they have used their phone to make a whole movie?

And not just a slideshow of pictures with your best friends on some free application.

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No, we're talking about a whole science fiction short film, with special effects and everything - and it's definitely not something you see every day.

Meet The Critics.

A young group of Nigerian kids and teenagers who have created over 20 short films using whatever material and equipment they can get their hands on.

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They spent a month saving pennies to buy one green screen and forage for the rest.

Spending hours on YouTube watching tutorials and learning as much as they can, they are self-taught and figured out how to make the movies they have been envisioning.

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These have not been their only struggles though as they are constantly plagued by power outages and a lack of internet connectivity.

Against these odds, they have managed to push through and work around all these struggles to create films that have captured the attention of filmmakers all around the world.

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The Critics are clearly destined for greatness and Carol Ofori was curious to find out even more about the group.

Listen to her conversation with one of the young filmmakers, Raymond Yusuf:

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

Main image courtesy of Critics Company YouTube

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