SEE: Aerial pictures that will take your breath away

MUST SEE: Aerial pictures that will take your breath away

Charles Eisenstein once said: "We have to believe in a more beautiful world in order to serve it." And through these brilliant photographs, it does seem possible.

Aerial view
The Frame/Bachir Moukarzel

The world might seem like a very dark and scary place at times, especially considering the last year we've had.

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But that doesn't mean that its beauty has faded. We might just have to look a little harder to find it.

We are constantly bombarded with bad news and, although we might feel guilty, sometimes you just want to escape from all of that and find some peace and happiness in something else.

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The first-ever Aerial Photography Awards took place in 2020 and the winners have officially been revealed.

Judges had to blindly select their favourite images and choose the overall winners.

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Over 65 countries, from Vietnam (who walked away with four wins) to Belgium (who had 10 wins, the most wins overall) entered the awards.

Here are some of the winning pictures.

Architecture 1st Place

Abstract Greece/Sebastien Nagy

Constructions 1st Place

Aerial view
The Frame/Bachir Moukarzel
Energy Storage/Joel Jochum

World Culture 1st Place

Eid Congregation/Azim Khan Ronnie

Daily Life 1st Place

Daily Life
The Lady of Sea/Duy Sinh
We are in it together/Prabu Mohan

Waterscapes 1st Place

Arctic Paradise/Kyle Vollaers

Wildlife 1st Place

Flying Flamingos/Hua Shang

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They also awarded Sebastien Nagy by naming him the Aerial Photographer of the Year.

Below you can see one of his many winning photographs:

Spanish Rainbow
Spanish rainbow/Sebastien Nagy

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While there may have only been a handful of official winners, all of these pictures capture such ordinary or everyday occurrences so beautifully.

Being so moved by all of these, we would have a tough time choosing any favourites.

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Main image courtesy of The Frame/Bachir Moukarzel

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