Parents are upset over a very controversial kids television show

Parents are upset over a very controversial kids television show

'John Dillermand' is a Danish children's show that has been faced with a huge amount of backlash, as it depicts a man living with massive genitalia.

John Diller

The Danish are known for their no-holds-barred approach to art and television.

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They're known to not shy away from any topic that is too tough or controversial, but they might have pushed the boundary too far this time.

A public broadcasting network, DR Ramasjang, in Denmark has aired its first episode of an animated children's television show called 'John Dillermand', which is targeted towards children between the ages of four and eight.

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But after its first viewing, the network was faced with a huge amount of criticism from shocked parents who agree that this show and its storyline are not suitable for children.

The story is based on a man with the world's longest penis, with the theme song for the show even explaining that "there's nothing he can't do with it" and 'Dillermand' translating to 'penis man'.

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He uses his appendage to perform daily tasks, as well as using it to assist others.

He puts out a burning fire and even fishes a stove out of a river.

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Disclaimer: This video is not for sensitive viewers

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According to the creator, Jacob Ley, the show is meant to remove the stigma and shame around the human anatomy, which will help parents and kids have positive, non-humiliating conversations about their bodies.

The network has also confirmed that it is working very closely with a Danish association for sexual education, Sex & Samfund.

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Parents, however, do not feel the same way.

Many have voiced their complaints that they feel this show is perverse and it is actually sending a completely different message - that is that people can't control their genitals.

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While the debate rages on, the network has confirmed that it will not be getting rid of the show any time soon.

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