"I'm sorry I sound emotional, because I am..." - Deirdre Naidoo, Trauma Specialised Nurse

"I'm sorry I sound emotional, because I am..." - Deirdre Naidoo, Trauma Specialised Nurse

Today for Women Crush Wednesday, Carol Ofori is honouring frontline workers who are putting their lives on the line in the fight against COVID-19.

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You don't need us to tell you how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of everyone on the planet.

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But there is no doubt those who have been faced with the reality of the pandemic first hand, up-close and personal, have been the most severely affected - the frontline workers, who have been in the field, treating coronavirus cases since day one.

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The medical staff, who were not able to just take a day off to be with their families during the holidays, as that would mean increasing the risk of infection.

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Every Wednesday, Carol wants to highlight the women who are working hard, doing what they do best, and are all-round boss babes.

There is no-one who deserves this honour more than the women on the frontline, facing the dangers of this pandemic head-on.

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Battling through the emotional, physical, and mental strain that it has put on them, the seemingly constant growth in the number of infections, to try to save the lives that are in their hands, these women have truly shown their strength.

Deirdre Naidoo is a trauma specialised nurse who is currently working in one of the many emergency departments in Durban.

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In one of her very few hours she had available, she took the time to talk to Carol about her experience, working in such close contact with the virus and the people affected by it.

This might be the most soul-touching, heart-wrenching interview Carol has ever done:

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