Carol Ofori weighs in on the WhatsApp privacy drama

Carol Ofori weighs in on the WhatsApp privacy drama

We've seen the WhatsApp privacy update saga fill our timelines, we've had conversations about it in real life and online... maybe even chatting about it on the app itself.


WhatsApp recently revealed a MAJOR update to its privacy settings.

Have no idea what we're talking about? You can read more about it right here: You could lose WhatsApp access if you don't share your data with Facebook.

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If you have been keeping up with all the messenger and privacy drama, then you would know that people are upset about the fact that WhatsApp will be sharing data with Facebook.

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This has led to many people deleting WhatsApp and announcing that they will be switching over to other, more private, messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.

It has also caused a lot of confusion and angst online, with many people finding ways to use this information and new policy to reignite other conspiracy theories about data collection and sharing.

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While people are addressing it with a lot of seriousness, there are also the usual jokers who choose to focus on the funnier side of things and this just triggered all the nostalgia:

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Regardless of the way people might be feeling, statistics do not lie and Signal has quickly become the number one app in many countries:

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Although it's clear that WhatsApp is still pretty much up there with the rest of them.

But does this mean that everybody is now panicking and downloading the "new" messenger applications because they think they should, and will they actually be using them in the long run?

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Carol shared how she has been dealing with this privacy panic and if she will be switching it up, and asked KZN the same question.

Take a listen below to hear her thoughts:

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

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