Massive 25kg African Rock Python found in Ladysmith homestead

Massive 25kg African Rock Python found in Ladysmith homestead

The endangered snake was removed after it was found eating a whole goat in the Tugela Valley.

African python profile
Claudine Senekal/The Ladysmith Herald

Fanie Cilliers, from Ladysmith Snake Removal, has been safely removing and rescuing snakes from homes for a while.

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That's why it comes as no surprise that he was able to remove this massive python and add it to his recovery list of over 220 pythons.

According to the Ladysmith Herald, Cilliers received a phone call asking for help as the resident said that he had cornered the snake after it had been feeding on his goats.

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Fanie also said that although he and his wife, Melissa, were able to drive a bit of the way, they had to park the vehicle and set off on foot for the remainder of the journey, which was about 5km, because of the rocky terrain in the area.

This was not their biggest challenge.

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While the part most people would consider difficult would be the capture of the snake, for Fanie and his incredible track record, it was a walk in the park (almost literally).

The hardest part of the whole rescue was walking back across the rough mountain terrain, carrying a snake weighing over 25kg on his back!

African rock python
Claudine Senekal/ The Ladysmith Herald
African Rock Python 2
Claudine Senekal/The Ladysmith Herald

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While carrying the python and climbing his way back to the car, he noticed that the snake even urinated on him, which made him decide to strip down for the ride back.

Melissa actually found it quite funny that they might have to explain the situation if they were pulled over by police.

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While Fanie might have had to get down to the bare necessities, the mission was an all-around success and the snake is waiting to be transported to a local game reserve for its release.

Maybe the python might even be so thankful that it'll leave them with a goodnight hiss...

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