Woman finds scary uninvited houseguest in gingerbread house

Woman finds scary uninvited houseguest in gingerbread house

Anyone shocked to find out this happened in Australia? Probably not.

Katie Gompertz

As the entire world knows by now: Australia is full of creepy and sometimes terrifying, creatures.

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But these animals and insects are not just found in forests and other natural areas, as they have the tendency of showing up in cars, toilets, headphones, and even food.

Just imagine ordering a very innocent looking gingerbread house for the holidays only to discover that the little gingerbread people aren't the only ones making themselves at home.

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Katie Gompetz from Sydney, Australia, bought a gingerbread house from Woolworths only to discover that there was a eight-legged friend who had made themselves very comfortable inside the box.

And it also wasn't a tiny spider:

Spider house
Spider ginger

And as you can see, it wasn't just the spider but also her sack of baby spider eggs!

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Spider ginger house

In her Facebook post, Katie didn't seem too worried, just kind of disappointed:

She also later described the moment she saw the itsy bitsy spider:

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Luckily it all ended on a positive note after the family left the box outside in the hopes that the spider would find its own way out.

Woolworths has also gotten in touch with Katie by issuing an amusing apology: 

Woolworths spider

It's safe to say Katie, and possibly a few other individuals might be avoiding other edible, festive homes.

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Main image courtesy of Katie Gompetz Facebook

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