WATCH: Mom shares life-saving choking hazard hack

WATCH: Mom shares life-saving choking hazard hack

Children tend to put random objects, food, and really any other thing they can get their hands on, in their mouths. This hack is here to help avoid any child choking hazards.

Child choking

No matter how much you might try you can't always keep an eye on your little one.

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With their ever-growing curiosity, it can be hard keeping track of where they are and what they're getting up to.

Other than that, you might just be a new mom, or not, and helpful guidance and advice are always welcome.

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We never really stop learning and sharing these types of tricks could end up saving a life.

Paramedic Nikki, a mom-of-two shared this very crucial, life-saving hack on the Instagram page Tiny Hearts Education.

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By simply placing her thumb and forefinger together and forming a circle, she can gauge which items can fit through and are potential dangers.

Some of the items include cherries, popcorn, and even a grape, which turns out to be quite the hazard when not cut up into smaller pieces.

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To clarify she also states that these items should definitely be kept out of reach of children and also elaborated on the grapes (which surprised quite a few people):

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Many parents have thanked her for sharing this important hack, and we're sure many other moms and dads will be thankful in the future as well.

So keep your kiddies safe!

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