This is what Vic Naidoo would wear as a warning label...

This is what Vic Naidoo would wear as a warning label...

Disclaimers, clauses, labels, terms and conditions are usually there for your protection. But what if YOU had to wear one?

Warning sign

Dangerous and harmful chemicals all come with labels telling you exactly how to handle the substances that could cause you harm.

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Some things need more extreme warning measures than others, possibly warning you of hot temperatures while others are much more extreme.

Either way, these labels have one job and that's to make sure you know more about the contents that can be found inside.

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People also have many different aspects to their character.

People can be super spontaneous, doing something at the drop of a hat without thinking of the consequences.

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Others tend to be more laidback and introverted, canceling plans to stay home and enjoy their time alone.

All these form part of who you are and there is no need to be ashamed of the things that make you, you!

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But imagine if instead of explaining your weird and wonderful quirks, you could just have a warning label that did the explaining for you.

After asking KZN to reveal what their warning labels would say if they had to have one, Vic Naidoo also shared what his would say.

Take a listen below to some of the shocking and hilarious labels people would choose to put on themselves:

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