WATCH: Woman thinks she's being catfished, turns out she has found her prince

WATCH: Woman thinks she's being catfished, turns out she has found her prince

Esther, a 21-year-old student from the UK, starts dating Theo and after a year of chatting finds out who he really is...

WATCH: A young girl who thinks she is being catfished actually finds her prince charming...
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Before we go any further into this story, let us just define what a 'catfish' is. Check out the explanation below, which will give you some context when it comes to this story.

"The term “catfishing” is using a false identity online for networking or bullying purposes. Catfishing is found throughout social media sites including, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and more. Many people around the world use fake identities to get an outcome of it." (Effects of Social Media blog)

Esther meets a great guy online and they hit it off immediately. He sends her sweet text messages and they go on dating, purely via messaging, for a year. Each time she tried to initiate a video call, he would say he is busy and avoid it. 

She then gets suspicious, and rightfully so. Esther is a fashion student living in Nottingham, United Kingdom and Theo, her boyfriend, also lives in the UK. But the great part was that the two of them were from the same Nigerian tribe. 

Esther's friend, Anita, was also suspicious and to find out if Theo was the real deal or not, she decided to contact MTV's Catfish UK. The thing that got her and Esther suspicious the most was the fact that Theo would always say that he was away on business in Nigeria when it was time for a video chat...

Well, MTV's Catfish UK discovered that Esther was in the clear and that she was not being catfished. Her prince charming, who she admitted to be falling in love with, was in fact hiding something huge from her, but it wasn't anything shady. 

Theo was, in fact, a Nigerian Prince and didn't want to share this with Esther until he was sure that she liked him for who he was and not his status. Just like in the movies, it was indeed a happy ending for the couple. 

Esther said the following to the hosts of the show:

"We've been speaking for about a year. He never fails to send me a good morning or good evening message.

"I find that so sweet. He's so thoughtful, he calls me Princess. I love it. I think he could be the one.

"If everything goes well that would make my dreams come true.

"He's from the same tribe as me, which is a big deal. There are 200million people in Nigeria, what are the odds I find someone from the same tribe that's cute as well?"

Check them out watching the episode together, as Esther posted it to her Instagram page:

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