WATCH: An act of musical love from a husband to his wife who has COVID-19

WATCH: An act of musical love from a husband to his wife who has COVID-19

A man who wanted to show support and love for his wife, who has COVID-19, plays some music outside her window.

WATCH: A husband plays the accordion for his wife with COVID-19
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Since we first heard about COVID-19, it has been a rollercoaster ride that seems to reach peaks and then suddenly dips, leaving us with that pit in the tummy kind of feeling.

While some have contracted the virus and lived to tell the tale, many have lost their lives to the virus. Others have lost incomes, their businesses, and even their homes due to the pandemic. But if there is one that we love hearing and sharing, it's got to be the hopeful stories that leave us feeling like we are all going to be okay. 

So when we saw this husband play an accordion outside the Life Bay View Private Hospital in Mossel Bay, it both left us feeling sad but hopeful that his wife, who is in the hospital with COVID-19, comes out healthier and happier. 

An admin clerk who works at a general surgeons office next to the Life Bay View Private Hospital told Times Live that a man approached her on the 21st of July. He told her that his wife was in the COVID-19 ward and she loved his music. He wanted to know if the clerk, Charlotte Barnard, would help him by opening the window to her room so she could hear him play his accordion. 

Charlotte took the video of the man playing to his wife and said that she felt that his music uplifted everyone in the hospital, giving them hope. She has asked the community on Facebook to help her find him so that she can request him to return and play again for everyone, both patients and staff. 

In a time where many of us are feeling down and out, not just because of the pandemic, this story leaves us with a renewed sense of hope. We have heard that the virus is very much a mental fight. So we hope that acts such as these help those that are struggling find the strength to fight it and come out on top. 

To our country and our people, stay safe and stay positive. 

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