Granny, 81, finds love again with her Egyptian husband

Granny, 81, finds love again with her Egyptian husband

Iris Jones, an 81-year-old grandmother, has found love again - and her boyfriend is less than half her age.

81-year-old grandma finds love again with her Egyptian boyfriend

There's that age-old saying that goes like this, "Age ain't nothing but a number..." or was that Aliyah? Regardless, we think that we should stop being so ageist and let people follow their hearts. 

One or two negative or fake love stories cannot turn us into critics. We have to believe that there are some stories that are just true love at work and nothing can break that love. 

Iris Jones, an 81-year-old grandmother, found true love with Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham, a 36-year-old Egyptian who cuts her toenails and makes her feel special and loved.

Her Facebook posts show the love between the two. After getting married in November last year, they visited popular fast food outlet KFC to have their post-wedding meal. 

Mohamed's family has accepted Iris into their lives, despite the fact that she is older than both of his parents. At the time of the below video, it was not mentioned as to whether her family were as supportive. 

We can only hope that they get the support they need for their relationship to thrive and for them to live happily ever after. 

Watch the video of an interview they participated in just after their wedding. (Video courtesy of YouTube)

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