WATCH: Love blossoms at Olympics with Argentine fencer and her coach

WATCH: Love blossoms at Olympics with Argentine fencer and her coach

Argentine fencer Maria Belen Perez Maurice gets a marriage proposal after losing a match...

WATCH: Love at the Tokyo Olympics with Argentine fencer Maria Belen Perez Maurice and her coach
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Getting through to compete at the Olympics is a great honour and a milestone mark for many athletes. Being able to mark down in your career portfolio that you participated in THE ultimate display of athleticism, the Olympics, is something that many athletes aspire to. 

Not all of them get that opportunity. However, when you compete at the Olympics AND get a marriage proposal from your long time partner, now that's a double whammy of achievement (for the lack of a better word)...

Argentinian Maria Belen Perez Maurice had lost her match with Hungary's Anna Marton, 15-12, and was doing an interview with a news station when the unexpected happened. 

Lucas Saucedo (her coach and partner) decided to surprise her whilst she was being interviewed. He came into camera and held a hand-written sign in front of the camera behind her. It was written in Spanish and had a doodle on it too. How romantic?! 

The news reporter saw him and could contain his excitement, which led to Maurice looking back and getting the surprise!

Watch the video footage below of the proposal and what happened next:

Her acceptance surely brought a smile to their faces and even some tears in the moment of love. "In 2010, Saucedo tried a similar stunt at the world championships in Paris, but with far less luck. Back then, she replied: "Is this a joke or what?" 

"I was speechless. I said to myself 'Oh my God'," said Perez Maurice, who has been in a relationship with Saucedo for 17 years. "We're going to celebrate it in Argentina around a big asado (a traditional barbecue)." (IOL)

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