WATCH: Do these doppelgangers actually look alike?

WATCH: Do these doppelgangers actually look alike?

Some of these lookalikes really are more convincing than others...

Chad and Will

There have been stories, movies, series, pranks, and more dedicated to the existence of doppelgangers.

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One photographer, Francois Brunelle, actually dedicated a large part of his career to finding people's lookalikes and photographing them together.

Francois Brunelle

The Cambridge Dictionary describes a doppelganger as: "a spirit that looks exactly like a living person, or someone who looks exactly like someone else but who is not related to that person".

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While some people might be lucky enough to find their lookalike in the same lifetime, some have accidentally stumbled upon their twins in stranger places, like a gallery or museum:

lookalike 2

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And thanks to social media, finding someone that bears the same resemblance as you has become even easier, albeit it still remains a bit creepy.

People have even become incredibly well-known and celebrities in their own right, just because they look like other famous people.

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One of the most popular doppelgangers is Paige Neimann, who rocketed to social media fame after people realised she looked exactly like one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Can you guess who?

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Here are a few other doppelgangers who have made quite the impression:


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But celeb lookalikes aren't necessarily just found outside of Hollywood.

Some actors, singers, sports players, etc. look very much alike.

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Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, and Emily Blunt are probably the most well-known of the celeb-doppelgangers.

So much so that they decided to use this coincidence for Katy's latest music video, 'Not The End Of The World', where aliens mistake Zooey for her famous lookalike:

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And some doppelgangers are just out here having fun and don't take it too seriously:


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♬ Unknown - Kittok

While scientists would love to figure out how this strange phenomenon takes place, there isn't really anything that points to any sort of explanation as to how this occurs.

Creepy, wonderful, or just weird, your lookalike could be out there right now and who knows, maybe you'll meet them one day.

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