Couple surprised by secret passenger during a car ride

Couple surprised by secret passenger during a car ride

Parents tend to warn their children against picking up strangers hitchhiking, but what do you do when someone, or something, is already in the car?

Snake car

While not every hitchhiker presents a threat, most of us would rather be safe than sorry.

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This presumption and cautionary tale could also be thanks to the many episodes, books, and movies that use this scary generalisation for its plot.

Either way, there are definitely some passengers that could fill your heart with fear or could end up being deadly.

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In a video that's been making the rounds, 22-year-old Rachael Pace caught the moment that her boyfriend and herself realised there was another person riding along during their car ride.

The Australian couple were traveling from their hometown to their next destination and during this time a stranger yelled at them saying, "Bro, you got a python on your ute, that's sick!"

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Thinking it was some kind of prank they ignored it until, about 40 minutes into their drive, they noticed the diamond python head sneaking up along the window on the driver's side.

You can watch the video of their discovery right here:

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In the end, after stopping the car, one of the locals decided to help the couple (and the snake) and not only got it off the car, but also set it free in a nearby creek.

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