Former Mercedes employee goes on destructive spree in construction vehicle

Former Mercedes employee goes on destructive spree in construction vehicle

Using the vehicle, the unnamed employee wrecked multiple other vehicles leading to an estimated R85-million worth of damage. Ouch!

Cars wrecked

Ever imagined a super dramatic exit after telling your boss: "I QUIT"?

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Well, some employees clearly want to do more than just yell, and choose to get rid of their anger in more extreme ways.

And it usually ends up a bigger mess than it was to begin with.

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Like this former Mercedes Benz employee, who was clearly feeling some kind of way, and ended up being arrested for the damage he caused.

The former car factory worker damaged every vehicle in sight it seems, including the super high-end V class models and a bunch of electric models as well.

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According to local authorities, the man used a stolen JCB construction vehicle, drove almost 30 km to the factory, located in Spain, and went on to destroy between 50 and 69 brand new Mercedes vans.

He also seemed to have entered the premises by breaking down a gate/entrance.

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Luckily no-one was harmed in this furious revenge attack and the police arrived to find the man behind the wheel of the JCB.

They also reported that during his road trip to the Mercedes factory he caused extensive damage.

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He clearly got his former employer's attention, but he definitely ruined his chances of ever working for Mercedes again.

Or any car manufacturer for that matter.

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