Bridezilla has bridesmaids sign 37-rule contract ahead of wedding

Bridezilla has bridesmaids sign 37-rule contract ahead of wedding

If the bridesmaids had to sign such a lengthy, very detailed legal document, we could only assume that the groom had a much longer list...


Women organising and planning a wedding tend to be quite stressed.

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Which is totally understandable!

Most people dream about their big day, and how perfect it is, for years.

So it only makes sense that the pressure increases when you have actually met the love of your life and the wedding creeps closer and closer.

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The couple might have their own rules and regulations in place such as "no kids" or let you know that you'll have to pay for your own drinks or transport to the venue, these are understandable requests.

Though one anonymous bride chose to hand out contracts to her bridesmaids.

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Choosing your bridal party can be just as daunting, as it generally consists of the people you love the most and mean the most to you.

You would want them to fit in with the rest of your perfectly planned day.


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Most brides might use the same makeup artist for their bridesmaids as themselves, but would they provide a set of 37 rules?

While one might expect these rules to be simple, many of them can be quite insulting and they are incredibly strict.

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Some of them focus on cosmetics and looks, stating that no colored contacts, or black drawn-on or thick drawn-on eyebrows will be allowed.

American, French, and nude manicures are the only nail colours/designs that are acceptable, and only black or dark brown hair would be allowed on the actual wedding day (Highlights would have to be pre-approved).

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While other rules don't make sense and give no clear reasoning behind them, like having to provide the bride with "a normal seven-day schedule within five-days of signing the contract", as well as having to understand that they may have to do "physical activity" at the reception.

They also had to agree to save around R740 ($50) every month for the next 14 months leading up to the wedding.

What could their money possibly be needed for? And why the specific amount?


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The list also states that they: 

  • can't miss any of the wedding-related events (rehearsals etc.) unless they could provide a doctor's note
  • can't intentionally fall pregnant before the wedding
  • can't have more than 7 units of alcohol at any of the wedding events

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The bride claims that she has read a lot about people who have had trouble with their bridesmaids and she wants to avoid the same.

While she might have her reasons, and they clearly make sense to her, only six out of her original 10 chosen bridesmaids agreed to sign the contract.

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At least they know what they have let themselves in for.


Hopefully the contracts are worth it and they have a fabulous wedding!

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