WATCH: Guy turns Facebook fights into incredible songs

WATCH: Guy turns Facebook fights into incredible songs

We could listen to these drama-filled ballads on repeat!


Facebook is a battlefield, with seemingly constant keyboard warriors taking on each other.

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There's just something so satisfying about reading through 89 comments on a post that involve only a few people going back and forth about who is actually right.

And we were wrong when we thought "it can't get more entertaining than this!"

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Once again, TikTok has revealed its latest star: Lubalin.

The Canadian musician has taken his talents and put them to good use by creating songs.

Not just any songs though.

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He has taken random Facebook fights and made them into hilarious songs that truly capture the internet drama while making it sound like a song one would actually listen to.

His first Facebook anthem was an instant hit:


that escalated quickly... ##sodramatic ##humor ##oldpeoplefacebook ##boomer ##musician ##producer

♬ original sound - Lubalin

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His second tune might be even better than the first, as he accurately conveys the fierce spirit of two women fighting over a broccoli casserole recipe:


wake up, doris 🥦 #sodramatic #humor #oldpeoplefacebook #boomer #musician #producer

♬ original sound - Lubalin

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And although one would think that dancing to this song is hard, this group is talented enough to choreograph a whole routine:


#duet with @lubalin THE INTERNET DRAMA STORY @bigwillsimmons @taneesky @trederego #boomer #motivationalwarriors #humor

♬ original sound - Lubalin

#duet with @lubalin INTERNET DRAMA pt.2 @bigwillsimmons @taneesky @shigetonakano @trederego #humor #dance #boomer #motivationalwarriors

♬ original sound - Lubalin

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And some users have taken it to an even higher level by adding their own voices and created this beautiful three-part harmony:

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While we definitely do not condone fighting of any kind, physical or technological, we can't wait to see what online beef he chooses for his next showstopping tune!

We also hope that Caroline and Helen have finally come together to sort out their differences.

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Main image courtesy of Lubalin TikTok

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