What is the science behind the "new year, new me" mindset?

What is the science behind the "new year, new me" mindset?

Every new year people try to create new habits or change behaviours by doing a 180, making resolutions or by just throwing their whole old self out the window.

New year new you

"I'll start eating healthier starting Monday."

"I'll start at 10 am."

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Sound familiar?

For some reason whenever people want to start doing something, whether it's a new routine or a daily task, for some reason it has to start or be done at a specific time (usually later in the day) or on a completely new day.

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The biggest day for change is the 1st of January.

A whole new year, full of possibilities and promise, where you can do all the things you didn't do the previous year and start fresh.

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One of the big reasons people tend to make new year's resolutions is because they have time off at the end of the year to reflect on the past year, relax, do some introspection, and look toward all the things the new year could possibly hold.

According to Dr. Erin Leonard, this should be expected as one starts to reflect on why you behave a certain way and what compels it.

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So New Year's Day became a day of reflection.

Then why do most of our resolutions fail?

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According to Forbes, the main reasons why people don't end up sticking to the new goals they have set is because:

  1. There is no accountability structure (which could consist of you, one or two other people, or a whole group)
  2. You are actually scared of the goals you set for yourself, lack self-confidence, or don't believe in yourself
  3. The changes you make are too drastic and sudden, instead of easing yourself into them

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With this in mind, Vic Naidoo is going on his "new year, new me" journey and he won't be alone.

As it turns out, after returning to work this year, he realised some big changes in one of his team members!

Take a listen below to hear what Vic and his team will be doing differently in 2021:

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