Love bites and hickeys: Are they childish or charming?

Love bites and hickeys: Are they childish or charming?

Toothpaste, concealer, and scarfs are just some of the tricks that could possibly help hide a hickey. But are these "marks of passion" still a thing people do?


If you are unfamiliar with what a hickey is, you can consider yourself lucky.

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Hickeys are a dark purple or red bruise that forms on the skin as a result of intense suction.

It usually fades within a few days, just like any other bruise, but the shame and embarrassment that accompany them tend to last a while longer.

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Hickeys are like friendship bracelets - juvenile and a little bit childish.

While they are great and maybe even significant when you're a kid/teenager, they tend to lose their appeal the older you get.

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There really isn't any reason why a grown man or woman should be walking around with a big bruise on their neck, especially when everyone knows what that mark is.

Even if you're not the one with it on your body, when you spot one on someone you know, it's hard to look away and not get distracted by this eyesore.

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Vic Naidoo was lucky enough to spend an evening with some of his family over the holidays but was completely shocked when his cousin showed up to a classy family dinner sporting one of these splotches on her neck.

Take a listen below to find out what happened next...

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