People are making sausages out of bananas and Twitter is upset

People are making sausages out of bananas and Twitter is upset

Just when people think they've seen everything, one food blog has shocked the internet once again with its version of vegetarian wors.


From eating cotton balls to stay skinny (which is not recommended) to making hot dogs out of carrots, people have found strange, and questionable, ways of keeping the world of cooking exciting.

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Although sometimes the innovative cooking methods and flavour combinations can lead to big hits, more often it will leave people asking one thing: "Why?"

Remember that green vegetable boerewors?

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Well, it is no longer the only of its kind.

Many people are trying to lead healthier lifestyles (as one does in the new year) and it's clear that food bloggers and chefs are trying to catch their attention with some interesting recipes that are delicious and good for you.

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Soweto Food and Lifestyle blog recently did exactly that by tweeting out a recipe for their vegetarian-friendly, healthy wors.

Now it might not seem like the craziest idea, seeing as how there are many vegetarian sausages on the market, but this one is definitely not your average meat-replacement.

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The main ingredient in this word? Green bananas.

And it's not part of the sauce or the relish. No, the banana is the entire sausage!

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Naturally, Twitter has had a lot to say, seeing as this is a fruit and one that most people would never consider being even close to a wors substitute.

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No-one has been brave enough to try this recipe yet and we might understand why.

But who knows, it might just be worth the risk?

Consider this a challenge for your future dinner parties when you wow your guests with some banasage and pap!

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