Find out why these limited edition Adidas sneakers are worth R15-million!

Find out why these limited edition Adidas sneakers are worth R15-million!

These sneakers definitely won't be worn for a night on the town anytime soon... or ever.

Porcelain sneakers

Limited edition sneakers have been known to come with quite the price tag attached.

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Like these Nike Dunk SB Low Paris sneakers that fetched a maximum price of R840,000 for one single pair.

There are only 150 - 200 pairs ever produced, which definitely contributed to the amount.

Nike Dunk

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But these sneaks are nothing compared to the latest collaboration between Adidas and renowned porcelain maker, Meissen.

This one-of-a-kind collaboration has been listed on the Sotheby's website and a bidding war has begun.

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The shoes, made from hand-painted leather and porcelain overlays, are the only pair to ever be created and there will most likely never be another pair like this ever again.

The 'Porcelain' ZX8000 features the timelessness of an Adidas design and the intricate colourful details of the Meissen Krater Vase designs.

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This video shows the whole process behind the creation of the shoe:

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The pair is expected to reach at least $1-million, which is R15-million, and the money will actually be going towards a very good cause.

All the proceeds from the sale will be given to the Brooklyn Museum to provide funding for its art programme aimed at helping the local youth.

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The current bid for the shoes stands at $6,500, but hopefully they'll be able to raise even more funds before the seven days of bidding is over.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this sale and can't wait to see how much this piece of art/shoe ends up going for. 

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