WATCH: Hearse bursts into flames while transporting coffin to viewing

WATCH: Hearse bursts into flames while transporting coffin to viewing

Drakenstein municipality's fire services were called to one of the most unusual fires they've ever had to deal with over the weekend.

Hearse fire

Arriving on the scene on Broadway Street in Paarl East, Western Cape, firefighters were shocked to find a hearse that was on fire.

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Not only was the car on fire but it was busy transporting a coffin with a body inside when it burst into flames.

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The hearse was busy transporting the body of the deceased to the family for viewing when all of a sudden it started burning.

It is still unclear what could have caused the fire and why it went up in flames so quickly.

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According to Riana Geldenhuys, the spokesperson for the Drakenstein municipality, an investigation has been launched by the SA Police Service.

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Although it might have seemed like there was no saving the car and the body of the deceased, the firefighters extinguished the fire as fast as possible and did their best to save the situation.

Luckily, there was some good news.

Hearse fire full
Heasre dead fire

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According to Geldenhuys, the car and coffin were completely destroyed, but the undertaker has confirmed that the body was not at all damaged.

Hopefully the family has now had time to properly say goodbye to their loved one without any further drama.

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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