We broke up, but I'm keeping the engagement ring...

We broke up, but I'm keeping the engagement ring...

Breaking off an engagement is incredibly emotional and can be truly devastating, but it's never as easy as just dealing with feelings. There is some admin involved...


Figuring out all the details for a canceled wedding is the worst!

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In the end, you're just stuck with a bunch of awkward phone calls and a bunch of unnecessary flowers, cake, an outfit you'll probably never wear again, and a bunch of other admin.

So ideally if you or your partner are unsure, it might be much easier calling off an engagement.

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And we're definitely not saying it's a good time.

There might just be a lot less wedding stuff to deal with while also getting through a break-up.

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But you do have one possibly major issue on your hands, pun intended: the engagement ring...

Today on #KeepOrCut, Yolande* desperately needed some advice on such a conundrum:

"My fiancé and I were engaged for two years and planning to get married in June next year. 

Everything was going well and I was excited to marry the man of my dreams. 

Until last month when he broke it off saying he had met someone else. I’m still completely heartbroken and will probably never forgive him. 

The problem I have is that my engagement ring is beautiful and I don’t want to get rid of it. 

Some of my friends say I should keep it, and others say I should throw it away. I refuse to sell it."

This is one of the most complicated #KeepOrCuts Vic Naidoo has ever received but with the help of KZN, he tried his best to help Yolande* make the right choice:

(*name has been changed)

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