WATCH: How McDonald's chicken nuggets are made

WATCH: How McDonald's chicken nuggets are made

Fast food restaurants thrive on mystery, like how you can't really see into the kitchen or know exactly what the ingredients are, but finally, we get to witness the glorious creation of a McDonald's favourite: the McNuggets.

Chicken nuggs

Once again TikTok is out here blowing minds and breaking barriers.

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We've all been curious about McDonald's and have wondered what exactly goes into making some of the most popular fast foods on the planet.

Or maybe you have just been exceptionally curious about what happens in the kitchen area of this mysterious establishment?

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You might have heard some rumours, but they have now been brought to rest.

One TikTok user @moon_man14 is here to save the day with his chicken nugs and sick sauces.


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Surprise surprise! The nuggets are cooked in-store!

But what doesn't come as much of a surprise is that the cooking method used for the nuggets is SUPER simple.

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But @moon_man14, known to his friends as Isaac, has tackled more than just chicken nuggets behind the scenes.

He's decided to really give viewers a solid look into the McD's world.

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One of his most popular videos showcases the creation of the cheeseburger (another McDonald's staple).


Reply to @the_fr_legends_mobilegam CHEESEBURGER and yes. It only gets one pickle ##mcdonalds ##mcmanager ##fastfood ##nightshift

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Unfortunately, it seems pretty anti-climatic and not really all that exciting, but we couldn't be happier finally discovering what goes into creating these iconic meals!

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