Restaurant owner gives hilarious and extremely honest reviews of his own food

Restaurant owner gives hilarious and extremely honest reviews of his own food

Aunt Dai Chinese is a restaurant in Canada that has gained a large following thanks to its delicious Chinese cuisine and its very unique menu.

Chinese food

Most restauranteurs will tell you why their establishment and cuisine is the best there is.

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It's not really an occupation and industry that thrives on being humble.

When there are 20 steakhouses out there, you have to make it clear why your steak is supposedly the best one and then follow through with actually making sure it is exactly that.

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That's why it comes as such a surprise that the owner of Aunt Dai Chinese is not only modest when it comes to the dishes his restaurant serves, but is brutally honest.

Most menus offer a list of the food and dishes available and might have a short description explaining the elements and ingredients involved.

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Feigang Fei, the owner, however, chooses to lower his diners' expectations of the mix of North American Chinese dishes and authentic dishes.

One of their most loyal customers recently decided to share the informative and funny menu item descriptions.

chinese 1
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chinese 2
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Chinese 3
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Chinese 4
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chinese 6
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According to Insider, Fei decided to add more detailed descriptions a few years after opening the restaurant in 2014.

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Originally, he only added these reviews to a handful of items but the customers found them so helpful that he decided to write as many as possible.

He even started a YouTube channel where they could properly see the food before ordering.

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While the whole menu might be quite entertaining, it is actually incredibly thoughtful.

It shows the best customer service as he makes sure they all get exactly what they want and would enjoy.

Just like with the potato, we salute Fei!

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