Cardi B went on a rant before deleting her Twitter

Cardi B went on a rant before deleting her Twitter

The rapper has been the center of attention for the last few months but now she's finding herself in some true drama.

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Since releasing her latest single, 'WAP', Cardi B has been celebrating many successes.

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But she has once again found herself in a bit of hot water.

A bit of background info: she recently filed for divorce from her husband, Offset, in September.

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The couple were then spotted celebrating her birthday and fans thought that maybe they had decided to get back together again.

This sparked major outrage with her fans, with many of them stating they were disappointed in her for repeatedly getting back together with him.

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Finally, Cardi decided enough is enough.

She went on a rant, sharing a series of tweets, aimed at the people continuously criticising her.

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Her tweets included a stab at Ariana Grande, saying a bunch of 15-year-olds want to tell her how to live her life like she's from Disney.

Finally, she gave up and decided to ultimately just deactivate her Twitter account.


Now Twitter has responded to the drama -  and it's pretty funny:

Main image courtesy of Cardi B Official Instagram

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