A mysterious account has appeared on Instagram and people are confused

A mysterious account has appeared on Instagram and people are confused

It's called '100 Million' and it only has one goal...

100 Million

Two days ago a few people on Instagram started to notice a random account being shared on stories.

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It's called '100 Million' and there has been little to no information released about it.

All we know is the following: the account has posted one picture (which can be seen below) and they're looking to gain 100-million followers - and it's all part of a social experiment.

It's allegedly backed by Netflix and there's a mention of a documentary coming out in 2021, but Netflix is yet to confirm this.

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The account has reached 61,700 followers in two days and people have been showing their support.

100 Million

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There are not a lot of Instagram accounts that have more than 100-million followers.

Here are a few: (info as of 1 Oct. 2020)

Justin Bieber - 148.43

Beyonce - 154.99

Ariana Grande - 203.39

Christiana Ronaldo - 238.89

Instagram - 369.52

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And don't forget about that one Instagram post that was just a picture of an egg that broke the record for most-liked picture on Insta.

The egg is close to 55-million likes.

Well, we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this '100 Million' account. 

Main image courtesy of 100 Million Official Instagram

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