How one man's story made us open our eyes - and our hearts

How one man's story made us open our eyes - and our hearts

Mark Morton, a car guard from the South Coast, has a few things he wants you to know...


A few weeks ago, Mark Morton reached out to us.

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He didn't say much, but what he did say left a deep impression on Vic.

Mark mentioned that he works as a car guard and all he wanted to talk about was the misconceptions people generally have about his job.

During all of this, Vic came to a sad realisation.

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He thought about all those stereotypical "jokes" and judgments that almost everyone has been guilty of.

The harsh words and the stealthy escapes.

So he decided to have a real conversation with Mark and find out more about this man and his story.

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While also providing information about the lives and struggles of one of the most thankless jobs.

Get your tissues ready, because you might just shed a tear:

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