Parents name their baby after their internet provider

Parents name their baby after their internet provider

The Swiss internet provider, Twifi, encouraged people to name their children Twifius or Twifia.


Choosing a name for your child can be a very easy decision and something you have been thinking about for most of your life.

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Or it can be quite a difficult choice because you realise what a defining and permanent thing it is.

But would free wifi for 18 years make the decision easier?

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Twifi, an internet provider in Switzerland, promised to give any parents free wifi if they named their children after them.


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See, we're not lying!

After verifying the birth certificate and the name, Twifia, one couple qualified for the gift of free wifi.

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When explaining their choice, the father allegedly said that the longer they thought about it, the more unique it became and luckily it is also her second name.

He also said that the name also stands for the connection between them.

That might be pushing it a bit, but whatever makes you sleep at night.

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