WATCH: Vulture catches a ride on a selfie-stick

WATCH: Vulture catches a ride on a selfie-stick

Random vulture: "Did you get my good side?"


You might have seen the most recent viral TikTok trend which was kickstarted by a user called @420doggface208 (real name Nathan Apodaca).

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In the video, he is skating along while listening to the Fleetwood Mac tune 'Dreams' and it instantly blown up.

As always, people have been doing their own interpretations and putting their twist on it.

But this video is truly in a league of its own!

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While paragliding through the skies, two extreme sports enthusiasts were surprised when they had a feathery friend drop in for a quick break.

Vulture hitches ride on selfie stick from r/nextfuckinglevel

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Clearly, the bird is completely unfazed and seemed like a complete natural in front of the camera.

Who knows, the vulture might have done this before?

Main image courtesy of Reddit

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