Year in Review: This popular YouTuber family might be canceled

Year in Review: This popular YouTuber family might be canceled

The ACE family accidentally left unedited footage in one of their video uploads this year, but that's not all that went wrong...

Ace Family

In October this year, the McBroom family, also known as the ACE Family, had to explain an incident that shocked their more than 19-million subscribers.

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The ACE Family has gained a huge following over the many years they have been uploading videos on YouTube.

They started posting videos back in 2016 and their videos follow the life of Catherine, her husband Austin McBroom, and their three kids.

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Like any other YouTuber, they have found themselves at the center of many controversies, including the classic accusation that all their content is fake.

Sometime earlier this year, they uploaded a new vlog following a day in their lives and at the beginning, it shows Austin cursing and yelling at Catherine.

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They then stopped filming their usual upbeat video introduction.

Fans of the family quickly realised that they must have forgotten to edit the clip out and were shocked to see how he was treating her.

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The clip has since been removed from the vlog, but in the original, Austin mentions that he is glad he's not in the video today, his hair looks terrible, and he also swears multiple times.

The couple then addressed the drama on their Twitter accounts:

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Although this might be true, fans were fed up with the number of controversial statements and drama Austin finds himself in quite regularly.

And it wasn't long until Austin found himself in exceptionally hot water once again and there might be no recovering from these accusations.

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Fellow YouTuber Cole Carrigan released a video where he revealed some shocking information about the couple (The video is no longer available).

He starts off by saying he doesn't believe the couple's relationship is real and that he's seen Austin partying without his wife multiple times.

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But what really caught everyone's attention was when he said that one of his friends had been sexually assaulted by Austin.

He had released a statement denying all allegations and as of yet these rumours have not been proven or verified:

During all of this, the family have continued creating YouTube content and seem to be back to normal.

We'll just have to wait and see how long it lasts.

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Main image courtesy of Catherine McBroom Official Instagram  

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