Hip hop legend Dr Dre in ICU after suffering brain aneurysm

Hip hop legend Dr Dre in ICU after suffering brain aneurysm

Friends, collaborators, and fans have extended their support and are wishing the artist a speedy recovery.

Dr Dre

ANI has reported that after suffering a brain aneurysm, 55-year-old Dr Dre was rushed to the ICU at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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It was reported that Dre was brought to the hospital on Monday and has since stabilised. He has been going thorough testing to determine what caused the bleeding in his brain.

Doctors have told TMZ that although they are still unclear as to what could have caused the injury, Dr Dre is doing well and they should find out what exactly went wrong very soon.

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After hearing the shocking news, many have taken to social media to wish him good luck and let him know that they are thinking of him during this time.

From fans to his colleagues and collaborators:

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Showing signs of a speedy recovery, the rapper and producer took to social media to thank all his supporters for the love and well wishes he has received.

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Dr Dre has been making music since he was a teenager and is one of the most accomplished producers in the industry.

He has also played a vital role in the success of multiple other singers, rappers, and musical creatives, having signed the likes of Eminem and 50 Cent to his music label.

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We hope he makes a full recovery and gets well soon.

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