WATCH: Woman jumps on car during hijacking

WATCH: Woman jumps on car during hijacking!

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Woman jumps on car during hijacking

Unfortunately, as South Africans, this might be a little too familiar with carjackings.

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You have either had the traumatic experience yourself or know at least one person who has been involved in a similar incident.

When you find yourself in this situation, there is not necessarily a lot you can do, and fight or flight kicks in. Your focus is most likely on just getting out of the situation alive and you can worry about the car, phone, etc. later.

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But sometimes there are the brave individuals who end up in this predicament and within seconds they are fighting back in some way or another.

Not too long ago we found a video of a hijacking where the owner of the car fought off a group of hijackers with only a petrol pump and litres, and litres, of petrol! (Watch that video here)

And just when we thought we have officially seen it all we stumbled upon Melissa Smith.

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Melissa shocked bystanders, the police and even herself with the way she reacted to a hijacker who made an attempt at stealing her car!

The incident took place in Wisconsin, USA, as she made a stop at the petrol station to fill up her car.

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While she was on the opposite side of her car, a man jumped out of a passing vehicle and climbed into the driver's seat and as she turned around she came to the shocking realisation that someone was in her car.

But before the carjacker could get away, Melissa jumped into action... quite literally:


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While this might not be the best or ideal way of trying to stop a hijacking, the whole situation is not really ideal, so who can say what the "right" reaction would be?

At the end of the day, Melissa might have lost a few of her important belongings, but she was able to stop the man from driving off with her vehicle, so that's not too bad.

And most importantly, she remained unharmed and was not injured.

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Main image courtesy of @CarTrackerSA/Twitter

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